Brian Allendorfer of North Barrington, Illinois is the biggest scumbag to ever walk to the face of the earth. Despite being married with 3 kids, Brian lies about his military service to pick up girls in their early 20s. Brian tells this young skanks that he was in the Air Force, had top secret clearance, and flew all this classified missions. In reality, Brian was a weekend warrior with the National Guard, never flew any classified missions or had any sort of security clearance and isnt even a pilot. Brian also tells these whores that are half his age that he is a member of the blue angels . Just another BIG LIE. Brian is a volunteer that books the blue angels hotel rooms when they perform at the Milwaukee and Chicago Air Show. BRIAN ALLENDORFER JR. IS JUST A ROOFER WITH A SICK OBSESSION FOR LYING ABOUT HIS MILITARY CAREER (or lack thereof) AND CHEATING ON HIS WIFE AND KIDS!

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