Brian is 55 years old from Chicago and has been cheating on his wife and 3 kids for the past months with a 26 year old skank named Amanda Kurth in Milwaukee. After only a month of having this affair with Amanda Kurth, Brian abandoned his wife and 3 kids in Chicago by moving out of their family home and into their family condo in Milwaukee with Amanda. Oh yeah, Brian already let Amanda move into his familys condo without his family knowing. Its a real sugar daddy-hoochie mama situation. Amanda is a gold digger and it is obvious she is only using him for his money, but Brian L. Allendorfer is is soo pathetic that he doesnt care. Oh and Amanda knows all about his wife and kids. Brian is a despicable man, father, husband, and human being. Not to mention, he is pretty ugly and old looking (Just look at his picture).

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