If there were some sort of rehab for whores, Briana Sanches would be publicly marketing the brand and her father would be the Sheriff of Whore Island rather than Lufkin, Texas. Also, are the good ol boys and gals of this charming town truly spending their hard earned tax dollars to support a LPD officer to police that unforgiving pussy while on duty? Hey, like they say, when duty calls . Right? Never mind all that. Pressing forward. So this cunt slut not only fucked a married man while she, herself, was married but had ZERO remorse for the fact that her new beau (for the moment) is expecting a child! Ok let me break it down into LayMans (< Ó-thats a pun) terms. Briana Sanches is WILLINGLY fucking a married man while his wife is at home 6 months pregnant! Insane. I know. Now heres where the positive comes. She has inspired me to start a movement. A revolution, if you will. Wait .Wait for it .

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