My husband of 27 years had an affair with a woman he met on Craigslist. He placed the ad and she answered. She is a married woman and knew he was married as well. I guess thats what she wanted. They met and she started working with him and they became intimate. She worked with him for 6 months and he didnt pay her or buy her anything. Bridgette Ruston just loved that a man actually cared for her (so she thought) as her husband gave her no attention. Bridgette Ruston got attention from my husband who was close to 500 lbs at the time. Bridgette Ruston is a sick woman, and also I think must me a little mentally off. We have three children, she has none. She wouldnt let my husband to to her home, but she came into my family home and was intimate with him in my daughters bedroom. That shows what a whore she is. No class. I am letting her husband know as soon as I move out, as they live right around the corner, and I dont feel safe.

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