This bitch. This nasty fake ass hoe. Not only do WE WORK TOGETHER. A few months ago I found out she’s been sending nudes to my boyfriend, truth came out and I found out. Fuck yeah I was pissed. I confronted her ( I already dealt with him) she gave me some sob ass story and promised it would never happen again. With my blood judgement I went ahead and gave this hoe a pass. Since we work together, I gotta make it not obvious I love key wanted to smash her damn teeth in. Anyways me and my boyfriend are really open and the thought of them two flirting sort of turned me on. So I brushed it off. We started making plans to hang out and get to know each other outside of work ( things actually were turning out well). Until this bitch messaged my boyfriend telling him that a co worker of ours ( I don’t speak to other co workers about our fucking personal life) sent her messages that I said where I told them I was fucking his bestfriend and didn’t love him anymore. He freaked out, started asking me a million questions. Never would I ever fuck any of his friends. Nor do I have the god damn time to entertain another dick in my vagina. We talk about everything. He’s my bestfriend. This bitch is hella mad she can’t have him for herself. Keep dreaming slut, you’ll get what’s coming to you. Stay the fuck away from this two face whore!

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