Once upon a time there was a drama queen who lived with her 2 kids and her parents in a trailer park.
She got a job at Mcdonald’s in swansboro nc where she began her quest. She was in search of a married man, or man in a relationship she could persuade to leave his family for her. She was very cunning and uses lies and manipulation to gain sympathy. .using such tactics as fake childhood stories to gain her victims trust.
She was very pleased with her progress until one day along came a a very smart well educated woman who saw Brittany Hyde for who she really was.

It was instantly a battle and the wise woman knew that this evil girl had to be destroyed and she turned to the truth and visited a magical land called the ⭐Internet⭐ here she found so many sources to help her defeat the evil homewrecker drama queen.
She quickly began to use her story in hopes of saving innocents from the evil drama queen and the truth began to pour out….and soon all over the land the villagers knew of the evil drama queen and how to defeat her with honestly, knowledge and with the magical powers of the Internet.
Brittany Hyde may have won a battle but the war of good and evil always has the same ending.
Good always conquers evil and the wise woman swore to protect her family and any innocent that may be in danger from the ?? evil drama queen named Brittany Hyde.
And the truth was told and the story ends… But for Brittany Hyde Karma begins!


Jacksonville, North Carolina

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