My name is Candace A Conway IÕm 34 and married with two kids. IÕve cheated on my husband numerous times mainly with married men. My issue is not that IÕm promiscuous and a bit of a slut the issue I have is that I feel no guilt for the affairs IÕve had and the families IÕve broken. IÕm a LEO and enjoy having sex with men who give me the attention I need. IÕve even slept with my friends husbands of course they donÕt know this but I need to stop this behavior. I tend to be very insecure and high maintenance but I canÕt help it. My husband deserves better and I wish I had the morals and principle to be a better parent. I too deserve to be happy. IÕve been in a two year affair with a married man who I truly love. His wife finally left him and although I know his is sad about leaving his kids behind he and I belong together. He is my everything. I only fear that when he finds out that IÕm a huge whore he will leave me.

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