Candice Preston, Belfry, Kentucky, a registered cheater in The registry entry for Candice Preston, Belfry, Kentucky is as follows: This is the spawn of the devil. Her name is Candice Preston. This is a old home wrecker but I didnt have shes a home wrecker 5 years ago. Me and my husband married young I was pregnant so we got hitched at 18. The marriage was doomed from the get go we fought constantly. Well fast forward 3 years I was still in love and we were trying to work it out. So its his best friends wedding coming up and they are also my friends at the time. I was chosen to be a brides mide he was the best man my son was the ring bearer, the night before the wedding he wants to throw a bachelor party for the groom at our home, I agreed trying to be understanding of guys time. Well the next day I come home early in the morning my home is trashed but thats not the worse part I dropped my son with my ex and proceeded to the salon for hair makeup etc. wedding time rolls around my husband will barely speak to me and keeps texting he was acting very cold to me. Mind you I just flew him to key west with me on vacation two weeks prior. Didnt think anything of it cause I trusted him. He stumbles through the ceremony.; FYI his ex girlfriend is best friends with the bride and I was friends with ex girlfriends boyfriend, small town living lol so fast forward to the reception. He will not speak to me dance with me or even look up from his phone. I catch him starring at his ex once. So I get fed up and go home we drove separate cars. He never comes home, after endless text and phone calls he answers and says hes at party with his friends well we argue and hang up. He comes home the next day we fight and resolve the issue. Hunky Dory right ? No one day later I am doing his laundry while he sleeps and my son naps. He works night shift. I see his phone has a text msg he left in the bathroom. I open it up and find countless text between her and him saying I love you talking about sex and having it the night before. Long story short I divorced him within 3 days. I was heart broken my family was torn apart by this woman who knew us and pretended to be my friend. He later ran up debt on a credit card and ruined my credit. Not to mention he was also very abusive. So she kind of did me a favor in the long run. She only wanted him because she didnt have him so she destroyed a family to get what she wanted at the time. So I got all the texts printed out and have not only her boyfriend well I should say ex boyfriend but also her mother. Women like this arent women at all shes not a real woman she just some cheap, nasty Hoe. Shes all fake that ran is fake her hair is fake and for heavens sake dont see her without makeup on. This girl is the town bicycle and everyone has had a ride. Thanks for reading, Happily divorced 11-14-2011

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