This is Cara Barnett. This is her story. October of 2014 my husband and I were recently married and had our problems. We had lost our son in June of that year due to complications. So there was a concert at a local bar and my husband decided to go. I was still grieving and wanted to stay home. While there this woman came up to him and asked if he would pretend to be her boyfriend so some creepy guy would leave her alone. He agreed. After that they had talked and he had mentioned he was married. He offered to walk her home where they got not even a block away where she asked Òwanna hook up?Ó He agreed. She also lied about being infertile so he didnÕt use protection and came in her. After this she walked back up to the bar and drove away. This was hidden from me until October of 2015 where I found out from a friend. I confronted my husband who confessed and then I confronted her. She refuses to apologize and feels she is not at all at fault. She has a history of seducing men that are taken. Give this fat bitch shit.

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