This vile piece of garbage approached my ex husband on several occasions until he stupidly gave in. She told him that she didnt care that he was married (and that his wife was pregnant) and that she wouldnÕt tell if he didnt tell and so their 4 or 6 month affair began. They screwed in our family car the same car he drove me and his newborn son in home from the hospital (did I mention she invited him over to screw while I was in the hospital days after delivering via c-section). Knowing he was married she would call him at work with fake names and they would make plans to screw each other they even screwed at her job in the back after hours where customers could not see. Today this vile human being has gone on with her life delivering a baby girl that she SAYS is not my exÕs but with morals like hers who knows who that baby belongs too. Am I mad? YES! Is she HE or SHE worth the JAIL TIME I would get for doing what I really want to do to them both HELL NO! Karma is a BITCH and hopefully IÕll get wind of any misfortune theyÕll eventually get!

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