My husband of 20 years and I own a restaurant and a bar. We decided to buy me and our kids a new car. Carolyn or CJ works at this local dealership she accessed all his information about him from my personal account. We have two children and two businesses together. We hit a rough patch in our marriage and discussed splitting up. During this time he was actively pursued by a woman that KNEW he was married. She had MET his children. After that we started we decided to work on our marriage. She continued to go into our place of business sit in there with her friends. She told people they were in love and going to be together.Cj or Carolyn or whatever she calls herself paid for hotels bought him a bracelet an tried to get him to go on vacation! I unknowingly went into her place of business she was lovely to me and a great sales person. I do NOT blame her for the affair alone. It was both of them. He made the promise to me to be loyal and committed to our family. BUT she came in and sat in my business while I served tables and attended bar. She would jog by and stop in to talk to him while he cooked. When I approached her at her business about the affair CJ told me not to bother her at work. Yet she slept with my husband and rubbed it in my face while she sat there night after night. I found out about the affair because she left a note on my car window. She expected to get my husband after I kicked him out. But he of course has no use for her. CJ is pathetic. Everyone in our home town calls her Alex from the movie Fatal Attraction. She has now moved on to her next married ÒboyfriendÓ but is telling people he is separated. IÕm sure she is probably talking his wife and kids as well.

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