This thing claimed to be a highschool friend of my fianceÕ. She also claimed to be a friend of mine. When I opened our home to her to give her a break from her troubles she turned on me to split my home. SheÕs been texting my fiance sending nude pictures to him and avoiding me at all cost. SheÕs made up stories about me which are far from true to try and come between us. SheÕs been around and services men for money to pay her bills because she is ÒdisabledÓ. Sells her prescription meds gives ÒnudeÓ/role plays haircuts to men and performs sexual favors for a small cost. Beware of this woman! She does not care whose home it is if the man is marries or not. She will become friends with the female to get to their significant other. She preys on relationships which are weak to work her wicked ways!

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