Cassandra Asel Georgia, a registered cheater in The registry entry for Cassandra Asel Georgia is as follows: This women absolutely needs to be exposed. Wives be warned and keep your men as far from her as possible. She seeks out married men or men who are in long term relationships and does ÒeverythingÓ she can to get them into bed. It is a game to her and she has ruined so many lives. Especially when she goes after men with small children. Men would not normally cheat accept when she throws it in their face. She is truly a devil.The most truly evil person I have ever met. She keeps pet snakes and has an upside down cross tattooed on her forearm. She also always wears a skull (shirt, belt, earrings) and puts skulls on her car, etc. She talks about being a good Christian all the time and how important the lord is to her. What a joke. Cassie is a hairdresser in Statham, Georgia. She is in her mid to late 40s (and looks it) She is really into Jeeps and likes to go to Jeep meets and outings.; When I first met her she was with a 23 year old guy. She was all over him (I later learned he had a long-term live in girlfriend.) Cassie set her eyes on my husband next. She would constantly be at his store and texting himÉtouching him right in front of me. My husband told me that she would tell him how hot he made her and how she just really wanted to ÒF**kÓ him right there. The got a hotel room one day and did have sex. I divorced him as soon as I found out (I should thank her for that.) She moved on and started to chase another married man right away. A guy who had been happily married for 15+ years with three small children. When his wife found out she immediately kicked him out and divorced him.. Now he has to work in a different town and is devastated because he rarely sees his kids.; After all thisÉI find out she was married the whole timeÉBe warned womenÉshe is truly EVIL!!

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