I cant even begin to say what a ho this girl is not only is she a ho but she take advantage of others by looking for sympethy. 3 years ago she started working at a place where my cousins husband worked and she began to go after him knowing he was married and 15 years older then her. After my cousin confronted him about it after finding some messages on his phone where this ho asked him to go over to her place to help her ÒmoveÓ he got all mad and left her and their small daughter to go live with his new young slut. last year he commited suicide after finding out she had cheated on him and since she was pregnent he begin to question if the baby was his. he started doing drugs and she didnt even try to stop it even though my cousin had warned her that he was going down a bad path. after the suicide she moved back to wherever she was from but nobody wanted her around because all the drama she creates my cousin feeling bad for her told her she wanted her and her new son to come live with my cousin and her daughter so the kids could grow up together and they could help eachother out. my cousin doesnt cfharge her rent lets her use her car and takes care of her son while she works and parties. even after everything my niece recently told us that catalina is constantly talking crap about her and telling everyone how much she hates my cousin. this ungreatful little homewreaking slut deserves to be put out for what she is she makes everyone think shes inocent and the victim but shes not shes just a homewreacking hoe.

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