JoJo Koyen, California

A cheater and a liar. After 12 years i could not stand the gut feekings anymore so i downloaded an app called spyhide and was able to recird what was going on in the room around him through his phone. I got him ******** someone several times. Dont know how many years out of the […]

Tiffany Chung of Santa Clara, CA

Another disgusting display of whoring around from the Taiwanese community here in Silicon Valley. This piece of work has no problem sleeping with married men despite being a teacher. Disgusting… watch out ladies in the Taiwanese/Chinese community, she may say she wants to “teach” your children Chinese in the Bay Area, but really she may […]

Isabel Moran Irvine, California

Isabel Moran lives in Irvine California she cheats with anyone she can get her hands on. Loves to fool around with married men to. I just do not understand her one bit. She wants everyone to think she is sweet and innocent. Please do not let that fool you. She is a whore folks. This […]