Jamie O’Leary, Edmond, Oklahoma

Say hi to Jamie! Jamie has NEVER had a man who didn’t start out belonging to someone else! She’s been married five times and cheated on each husband with the next potential Sugar Daddy. Her strategy is the same everytime, just get pregnant!! She’s got four children, each by different saps that she suckered into […]

Jimmy Mitchell, Trenton, TN

Commentary about Jimmy Mitchell, Trenton, TN posted to cheatersregistry.com. From : beckiand posted on 2016-07-01 I wonder if Jimmy knows that it is rumored this woman was a ‘paid escort’ in 2010. I see a previous note on her profile here. From : beckiand posted on 2016-06-30 This is Jimmy Mitchell, married for many years […]

Jason Louis Murphy, Folsom, CA, USA

This is for Jason. Jason approached me on Facebook, and we started to get to know each other. He told me he was divorced and that he had a kid, which was fine with me. He didn’t divulge the fact that he was an alcoholic, and that he wasn’t actually divorce, just separated. He claimed […]

Jocelyn McCaw Edmonton, Ab, Canada

First and foremost I like to say that I am not the ex. I am the woman who this little girl ruined her life. she is glibness and has superficial charm. She very manipulative and conning. She never recognize the rights of others and see her self -serving behavior as permissible. She appear to be […]

Jessie Benzing in Ft. Myers, FL

Will f**k men 10+ years older than her that she met on tinder. Let’s men do basically whatever they want to her, dirty degrading things on the first meetup. She acts like she’s hot s**t, but her t**s look like udders on a cow. She’s a liar and manipulator. She doesn’t care about anyone but […]

Jessie Lee Osburn

She slept with 2 married men while in the state of Utah multiple times. She aborted twins, from another guy she worked with so she could pursue a career. She uses people to support her while she finishes her college career. She has not allowed the married man she is with now to see his […]

Jenn Mosby, Boise, Idaho

Jenn Mosby was the flat chested homely girl in high school so you would never think she would have such a gigantic ego. I remember she used to sleep on the floor in her parents disgustingly fithly house chain smoking cigarettes and s******g much older guys. Flash to years later and she’s s******g every guy […]

Joey Smith, US, KS

This man is a disgusting perverted individual who puts himself off as a charsmatic man, but is extremely deceiptful and has lied by physically and emotionally cheating with LOTS and LOTS of women. This guy is a huge player. He brags that he can get any women, and its just another notch in his selfish […]