earl spillman, joplin, Missouri

Commentary about earl spillman, joplin, Missouri posted to cheatersregistry.com. From : angela69 posted on 2016-04-28 he got caught because i told the wife and asked if they were together. bingo they were. hurt like hell believing in someone to find out everything was a lie. i have videos, phone recording and many pics. From : […]

John Musa, Fort Collins, CO

Commentary about John Musa, Fort Collins, CO posted to cheatersregistry.com. From : sailorjohnmusa posted on 2016-07-07 HE HANG OUT NICK’S ON s COLLEGE AND PICKS UP WOMEN AT THE FORT COLLINS HEALTH CLUB From : MINTO posted on 2010-05-18 Hickup is never to be trusted!!! I fell for his bubbly personality and cute cuddly looks. […]

Eric Long, Davenport, Ia

Commentary about Eric Long, Davenport, Ia posted to cheatersregistry.com. From : Ericslastgirl posted on 2015-09-30 Typical situation of manipulation. He repeatedly cheated and repeatedly got caught. I found texts on his phone, got approached by others trying to warn me that he’s a cheater, and found a p.o.f account that he was actively using while […]

Marcus Crosbie, Bronx/PA, New York

Commentary about Marcus Crosbie, Bronx/PA, New York posted to cheatersregistry.com. From : fashionista posted on 2015-07-01 hilarious that you act like you dont know just so you can let your wife think your innocent.Your a cheater & lie.I could care less if she is fine with it.You really think she doesnt know you cheat hahahaha […]

Joelle Delaney, Cincinnati, Ohio

I thought I was the only guy Joelle Delaney was seeing. She seemed perfect, always said the right things. She worked a lot, so she says. I would send her money. We traveled. Went to her ‘cabin’ in NY. One time I really wanted to see her but she said she couldn’t take another weekend […]

John Abbruzzese Affair With Minor Cheryl Beckel

Westerville Police Department detectives interviewed Cheryl Beckel, one of the female students with whom Abbruzzese was allegedly involved. Beckel admitted having frequent sexual contact with Abbruzzese and told the detectives that she had heard that two of her teammates had had similar contact with Abbruzzese. Using information provided by the detectives, the Franklin County Prosecutors […]