John Foley, Norfolk, Va

Commentary about John Foley, Norfolk, Va posted to From : mpoppins posted on 2015-09-08 I was told he was divorced. Not only is he not divorced but this is his second marriage and has 4 kids. 5 if I keep the baby. We met 6 months ago in Richmond. We’ve been dating ever since […]

J Ravindaren, Klang, Malaysia

Commentary about J Ravindaren, Klang, Malaysia posted to From : KARMABLISS posted on 2016-06-03 Marriage made in heaven. She is married with a son and he is married with a daughter. Cheated on their spouses and even the company they work(ed) at by chatting on Yahoo IM the whole day. From : KARMABLISS posted […]

RUSSELL D. Delee, Baldwinsville, NY

Commentary about RUSSELL D. Delee, Baldwinsville, NY posted to From : 5laura posted on 2016-07-16 Look up psychopath, sociapath and narcissistic behavior this is him Pages: 1. Note: Some of the commentary about RUSSELL D. Delee, Baldwinsville, NY is a collection of user forum submissions from the previous cheaters registry site.  As such, some format […]

Sebastien YSABEL, Geneva & Annecy, FRANCE

Commentary about Sebastien YSABEL, Geneva & Annecy, FRANCE posted to From : apostolia posted on 2016-11-04 A scammer, a douchebag married for 13 years and cheater for 9 years while I was breastfeeding at home and looking after our two small kids, he was scamming women online for sex, having a mistress for 2 […]

Jamie Stratton

I dated Jamie Stratton from Conway, Arkansas. She posts bible scripture on her facebook page daily but she is a cheating, lying snake! She traveled to Dallas to cheat on me and admitted admitted to the deed when I confronted her over the phone when she called me when she returned from her trip. I […]