Jason McCutcheon, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Cheats on his wife of 11 years. Got caught with a girl living with him in his hotel room while working out of town. Hes a pro at lying. Who knows how many other times that its happened throughout the years. What a dirt bag! Been caught cheating several times throughout the years. Not trustworthy […]


Commentary about PAPA DIOP, NY, NY, NY posted to cheatersregistry.com. From : Liesandleverage posted on 2015-12-15 PAPA DIOP / PAPA IBRAHIMA DIOP IS LEGALLY MARRIED AND HAS BEEN ON DATING SITES FOR ALMOST 2 YRS. STATING HE HAS NEVER BEEN MARRIED. From : bobb21045 posted on 2011-05-03 I think she’s cute but blowing multiple guys […]

Jason Rowel Jefferson Midlothian Texas USA

Jason is a narcissistic sociopath who scams older females out of money. I met him when my house flooded and Rainbow International sent out a Tech—Jason. 35 year old handsome light skinned black man. Drop dead smile… Through Romance, he comes on like a boyfriend… Before you know it, you are picking up all the […]

Jocelyn McCaw

This is an update comma all this little w***e who has wrecked my life. She has disappeared for about a month now. I’m assuming she’s moved on to another guy. I have tried to reconcile with my ex but she has interfered to the point where it’s on repairable. Also tied to the fact that […]