Sara Foster, Syracuse, New York

Watch out for this whore!! Sara wouldn’t think twice about sleeping with your husband/boyfriend. This home wrecker is the ultimate skank! Sara is 20 years old “dating” a 30 year old that is currently cheating on her with every young vulnerable skank in Syracuse. She either just doesn’t care or is in denial. But, my […]

Mily Castro, Riverhead, New York

This Hoe name Mily Castro lives in Riverhead she’s married with two kids and still trying to mess around other people husband. While I was away in college in another country my husband was going through a phase and she acted like she wanted to help when she knew that all she wanted was to […]

Lawrence Crook Brooklyn, New York

Where do I start? For starters, Lawrence Crook is a full blown sociopath, coke addict (and possibly an alcoholic), who physically, emotionally and verbally abuses the woman he is with. As a narcissist, he will seem charming, caring, and loving at first. He will play you like a fiddle until you fall head over heals […]