Russell of Ohio

Russell of Cleveland is on A real dead beat my son 13 he only seen him twice knocked up my sister 2 times pay ONLY 3$ fucking dollars for support he goes to jail every year his a sex offender he collect ssi so he donÕt have to work and he like to have […]

Leann Rocchio, Steubenville, Ohio

Leann rocchio is HOMEWRECKING WHORE! Lemme clarify what I mean by this, me and the father of my child were doing by all means great we just had a baby together we were engaged. And everything seemed perfect! Until this MARRIED WHORE started coming around my fiance… First her husband went to jail, then after […]

Kayleigh Douglas, Hamilton, Ohio

My husband left me in a text after friending Kayleigh Douglas on FB. He kept going back and forth about working on our marriage, but come to find out he’s been ******* this homewrecking *****, who knew he was married and used him as a shoulder to cry on. I knew something was up when […]