Life sucking whore

She is an exstortionist. She lures older men, she is 38, pretends to need help paying bills. Then she offers them on going sexual favors for the occasional $20.00. He could not follow thru. The threats befan 24 hours later. It ended with him taking $26,000 in cash from our household and also purchased a […]

Angela M. Muro, Oregon

This train wreck of a woman lured my husband claiming she needed a ride and the solicited him for sex for money on an ongoing basis. She got naked in the backseat of our expedition but she could not arouse him. She stole his money out of his wallet and the extortion began 24 hrs […]

Noemi Flores, Salem, Oregon

He cheated. But she decided to harrass me with emails, rubbing it in my face that he cheated with her. She then started to make up lies that they were still together in hopes we would break up. Then she threatens me by telling me she isn’t going anywhere. It’s one thing to have your […]