Chad Bukoske hates his wife, they have children together and the only reason hes stayed is because shes his baby mama. Whenever they fight he likes to go to the bar (any bar) to try to pick up women. If he gets rejected, he sexually harasses, and gropes random women in the bar until hes to drunk, then he drives home. HE DRIVES DRUNK. He does love Sticking his dick where it doesnt belong. Its disgusting. Dont trust this man. He is not a good man or a good father. He is a disgusting pos, who doesnt have any respect for anyone, and thinks he deserve things even though he hasnt worked for it. He is an entitled little prick who cant keep his c-ck in his pants if it saved his life. If you are at the bar, and you see this man, stay away from him. Hes a loser.

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