I need to preface this by stating that I am not a vindictive person and have never done anything like this before but for the sake of Chad Leatherss wife and son (who I didnt know about), he needs to be exposed immediately! I met Chad at work (FL) and reported to him indirectly. He told me SEVERAL times that he was separated and about to go through a divorce but had decided not to announce that in any way, including Facebook. I took his word for it. We slept together 6 times during a huge work initiative that required long and odd hours. We were fine, no expectations. Shortly thereafter, in a chance encounter of a friend of friend, I was made aware that the he wasnt getting divorced and no separation. I confronted him and he ultimately put my job at risk because technically I was a subordinate. Shortly after this, I was made aware he had been hooklike up with someone else at FL. This creepy and disgusting man needs to be exposed and hopefully, his WIFE does her own investigation and takes steps forward. Unfortunately, I was able to find her on social media and she seems unaware based on pics, etc. Or maybe doesnt care, never know. Anyway, Chad Leathers should never be doing this to ANYONE!

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