Commentary about Charles Beardsley, Campbell, CA posted to From : Little Green Fairy posted on 2015-09-28 Charles Edwin Beardsley DOB:9/9/1969 Funny he told me I was the love of his life – my story is identical to yours!Except he was also after my daughter & my best friend. Filthy Sociopath. From : ronnie777 posted on 2015-07-05 Charles cheated on me too.. with a man From : ronnie777 posted on 2015-07-05 Email is [email protected] I began dating Charles several yeas ago.. he asked me to marry him, but many disconcerting things kept me from accepting… he used drugs and he was into the hard party scene.. Which I was not due to my clearance and my job. I also suspected he like men because of a number of times he hung out with gay guys and I saw disturbing porn in his room; and years later, again on his computer. Strangely, he was also bulimic. I ended up turning him down and was out of touch for several years. However, Charles was constantly contacting me. Years ago, he reached out to me and told me, ‰ÛÏI was the only women he as ever truly loved. He claimed he never got over me.‰Û I agreed to see him and we dated… but I would have never agreed to it had I known he was married. Except for Charles.. I have never dated a married man and would never knowingly do something so deceitful and destructive… Unfortunately, Charles is a master manipulator and liar. When I finally found out what I sociopath he was, I broke it off and resumed my life. All was great and I moved… where he again contacted me and asked me to take him back. I‰Ûªve been seeing him off and on here for a couple of years now. He flew out here and I drove out to California… where I again saw several disturbing signs he was not who he said he was. He was constantly drinking… using oxy… and other drugs. .. It got so bad, I left and drove all the way back home. Since then, he apologized and we dated on and off until this most recent deception in June… Normally, I would never reach out and contact an ex… something in my heart told me he was lying to me. I just had a bad feeling…. he was playing everyone. Now, he is cheating with another girl named Susie… but I‰Ûªm not surprised… I imagine he is playing a lot of women and men. I know he has also been contacting some very sketchy tattooed porn girls on Twitter (see pic). I wonder if Susie knows that he is cheating on her too. I actually feel sorry for her‰Û_ He has been playing us both and lying to us. He is a pathological liar and manipulator. Recently, Charles texted me several times and said ‰ÛÏI still love you. Always thinking about you.‰Û Etc. He knows I‰Ûªm furious and hate him; but he is still sending me messages begging me to take him back. I honestly don‰Ûªt care. I despise the psycho and I am just glad he is out of my life for good. From : posted on 2010-03-06 no details Pages: 1.

Note: Some of the commentary about Charles Beardsley, Campbell, CA is a collection of user forum submissions from the previous cheaters registry site.  As such, some format may be off, but the dates when the comments were made about Charles Beardsley, Campbell, CA by the users were preserved.


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