Commentary about Charles Douglas, Homosassa, FL/USA posted to From : mzdomore posted on 2016-07-30 7/30/2016 Once upon a time a woman met a much older man she thought she could trust! On Oct 17th, my galpal convinced me to post an ad looking for an older man that would respect, love and become the partner she wanted to grow old with. A 63yr old man, in fairly decent shape, responded without haste due to the request of a 51yr old woman that had many skills besides amazing looks and great health. By the second date this man claimed to be amazed by her and could not stop until he won her heart as well. He stalked her with endless txt‰Ûªs, calls, roses sent to her by the dozen and a necklace he claimed, had never done for any woman that was very expensive. By Nov., 2015, he was coming to her job she held as a caregiver for a woman she worked long hours every week. Chuck approached his conquest at the patient‰Ûªs home with an engagement ring he claimed was worth 8 grand. He stated he wanted to marry her and wanted her to give up her job to move to the Crystal River area with him. That he never had such a relationship in his 3 previous marriages and was divorcing his wife of 27 years because it was loveless. If he couldn‰Ûªt win this beautiful woman‰Ûªs heart, she would at least have the ring. The woman was reluctant and her patient warned her of men that do such acts for the purpose of a trophy wife. This caring and giving lady decided to accept the ring but did not immediately leave her patient and others she was caring for at the time. This woman was like no other this man had ever met or experienced in his 63 years as well as 3 marriages. This included the current wife of 27 years he claimed was an alcoholic, did not care for him and vice versa, but remained with her because he did not like change. That he married her out of convenience and to maintain the business of ‰ÛÏChuck‰Ûªs Car Care they built together.‰Û He also stated many times to this younger woman that he was content with the toys he collected during their marriage including his ‰ÛÏFast Yellow Corvette‰Û and his Pontoon boat that had been sitting for over 3 years. By December 2015 he pulled all the possible means to win this woman‰Ûªs heart by promising his undying love. On Dec. 24th, he convinced this woman he called ‰ÛÏAnimal‰Û; to move into a home they rented in Homosassa together. He also claimed she was exciting and quite a riot in his world and would not give up on what he wanted. The woman chose the house, as well as bringing her 28yr old daughter with mental illness and her 30yr old future son in law she currently had taken complete responsibility for. The old man with the latest conquest was willing to do anything to have this woman. On Dec. 26th, 2015, Chuck asked this young lady if she would mind riding with him to trade in his corvette, she accepted as she had completely set up their rented home, with all of her things, Chuck left everything with his wife and came with just his suitcases so it didn‰Ûªt take long for this ‰ÛÏanimal‰Û to set up the home for this new family of four. Chuck pulled into the car dealership he was comfortable and familiar with only to realize they were not going to offer him more than 12,000 for his yellow corvette. I was aware that my uncle had just traded in his truck and Challenger on a new Dodge Ram and gave him a call. When Chuck realized this woman had this kind of contact, he was ready to impress and went to the Dodge Dealership in Dade City. He asked his new found interest what vehicle she thought was the best deal and she picked out the 2015 Dodge Ram with the extended cab. Chuck worked the deal and was able to receive 20,000 trade with the corvette. Once he completed all the documentation and made the deal, He handed me the keys in front of the sales staff and said, ‰ÛÏMerry Christmas‰Û, It‰Ûªs yours! I was in shock over this and Chuck was excited knowing he had been the only man to do such an act for this woman. I called my uncle and told him how amazed I was at Chuck‰Ûªs generosity and told him the amount we received on the trade. My uncle was thrilled and said that I deserved to be treated this way and deserved happiness. That I was blessed to have found this man. Of course Chuck wanted to do the usual celebration at Capone‰Ûªs over a game of pool and a cocktail. From this day forward, one weekend after another, the two of us would frequent a variety of bars, playing many games of pool. Chuck wanted constant entertainment and to show off the woman he now had on his arm and by his side. As time went on, I grew attached to Chuck from the attention and the respect he would show on a daily basis. By the time March rolled around, Chuck was able to get his pontoon up and running due to it sitting for over 3 years without any use. The new found family began taking the boat out into the gulf and into the Homosassa river to see the manatees. Chuck had managed to get his wife to agree to a divorce in February and Chuck was now a free man. As the weather began to warm up, I had the fishing skills, the boating experience on the gulf, and a variety of bikinis to keep Chuck‰Ûªs attention on the water each weekend instead of the bar scene and expensive bar tabs he continuously accumulated. I was beginning to realize he chose to use little excuses to disappear to the golf courses on Sundays including on Valentine‰Ûªs day. Because I had family at home, the house to upkeep, as well as Chuck‰Ûªs border collie to bath and maintain his much needed grooming, I was beginning to feel the distance growing between Chuck and I. Not only did he leave his wife in this same situation, the attention was becoming less and less. He would leave for work at 4 am and not return home until 5 and 6pm. In the beginning of our relationship he wouldn‰Ûªt go in until 5:30am and was generally home by 3pm. He claimed that the divorce had left him in such debt that he couldn‰Ûªt afford to go out as often and needed to work longer hours. But still made the golf courses on Sundays, or so he said. I took the engagement ring to a pawn shop and sold it for $2500. I bought a $200 ring, gave Chuck $1,500 and put the rest of the funds into our house necessities. Nathan had already moved back home with his mother in Pasco county due to the lack of jobs available at the time here in Homosassa. By May, the promise of marriage had worn off and Chuck began taking the truck from me for any reason. He had his own vehicle that he used for work, and would allow me to use the truck every Thurs to take my daughter for her mental health therapy and visitation with her 3yr old daughter in Tampa. I was also involved in a case to prosecute my ex step father that has been charged for Rape with Carnal Knowledge as well as Sexual Battery for five years of my childhood life before the age of 12. Chuck would complain that he wanted me to go back to work full time since he was in such debt. But every month no matter what income I brought in from reselling items on line and from our home, he would find excuses to argue and take the truck he claimed was mine to everyone from his customers and secretary, to my family and friends. One minute, Chuck was bragging what an amazing woman I am, then screaming at me, calling me scum and worthless and taking my keys to the truck. On June 20th, 2016, I received a txt from him at 5:30am, ‰ÛÏTo Get Out!‰Û My phone bill was due and I told him I would have to pawn my ring to pay my phone and would not be able to afford a UHaul as well. He had his secretary Erin Kidd, pay it when she came in at 9am and Chuck took a picture with his cell phone and sent it to me before I received the confirmation of payment from Metropcs. I was devastated and mortified. I rode my bicycle to the pawn shop then to the Uhaul location nearest to our home in Homosassa. I then put the bike in the Uhaul and drove to Home Depot and purchased 25 boxes to pack mine and my daughter‰Ûªs personal items. I could only afford a 15ft truck and worked til 3pm loading what I could. I didn‰Ûªt have the strength to load my furniture nor the room even though Chucks guys from Jenkins landscaping and lawn care service stopped to mow our grass and offered to help me. I told them what Chuck had done to me and that I couldn‰Ûªt afford to do anything else. That the Uhaul company gave us our first month free at their storage facility and that my daughter and I were going to a shelter. When we finally pulled out of the drive way at 3pm, I sent Chuck a txt and told him when he snapped out of his regular monthly crazy, not to call me this time with his weak apologies. I didn‰Ûªt hear from him until 10 days later, with the usual I screwed up, I‰Ûªm sorry, I didn‰Ûªt want you to leave, what will it take you to come home? I told him nothing, that I would not put Ashley and I through the bs again. He begged for 2 more days pleading that if I ever cared for him, I would at least hear him out. As usual, the stalker would not give up until I did so I met him at the beach near my girlfriend‰Ûªs house Ashley and I had just moved in with. It was a 6 mile ride for me on the bicycle and an hour‰Ûªs drive for him. When he finally arrived he wanted me to drive him back home and take the truck swearing he would sign it over to me. By July 3rd, he invited me up to see him and to pick up tires for one of his customers with the truck. He left the shop early and we went to the court house in Inverness where he once again swore his undying love and purchased the marriage license. Ashley and I moved back home on July 7th and things were going well up until the weekend of my birthday, July 16th. Chuck handed me a red velvet box with a tiny necklace with a heart charm. We then loaded up the boat and went fishing in Yankeetown, FL. By 10 am Chuck began with is arrogance stating how expensive my necklace was and how he had been dating 3 other women when I left. That 2 of the women were customers of 14 years and one he met on that he was no longer a member of. I was devastated and couldn‰Ûªt understand how this 64yr old man could hook up with 3 different women in a week‰Ûªs time. He stated that he didn‰Ûªt think I would call his bluff and leave and wanted to see if he could find someone else but they were not me. I was sick over it for the next 2 days and finally looked at his phone while he was watching tv. I deleted every single picture of myself and my number out of his phone when I find a picture of a dozen red roses sitting on someone‰Ûªs bathroom counter. When I confront him, he stated that they were for someone‰Ûªs funeral. Now I am truly feeling betrayed by this liar and drive to his shop to ask him to call this individual on speaker phone in front of Erin and myself. He now is screaming at me and calling me scum and that he isn‰Ûªt calling anyone. Of course I call him a liar and a cheat and drive back home crying my eyes out. The next 2 days I we have nothing to say to each other and as I am taking out the garbage, I see he is on, remembering he stated he was no longer a member of. SO I go online and look it up. Of course he is a member and his call name is ‰ÛÏFASTCORVETTE‰Û! I txt him and tell him I am aware of his lies, that I have no interest in this relationship any further and that I want $2,000 to move my daughter out of this house. That I will no longer clean up after him, do the laundry, or cook any meals, and that I couldn‰Ûªt be more disappointed that I fell for 9 months of lies. That I felt he has used me as a trophy since day one. That I was not moving out the way he put us out last month and into a shelter. He took the truck and said he would not allow me to use it for my court appearance against my step father this month, nor to attend Ashley‰Ûªs therapy sessions, or my granddaughter‰Ûªs, court ordered visitation. The following day, Chuck sent a txt message stating that he took my truck for 3 days because he was having issues with his shop vehicle yet traded it with a customer‰Ûªs vehicle that same night. He then stated, I could use my truck for 2 weeks so I could get a job and buy a vehicle. I sent a txt back that I took pics of the customer‰Ûªs vehicle he was exchanging the shop vehicle for and that if he wouldn‰Ûªt continuously take the truck, I could work full time. I also stated that if it was my so called truck, why would I need to buy another vehicle? I am so sick of this man‰Ûªs controlling, verbal and mental abuse, I went to the court house and submitted this all to a judge including copies of the messages from him that I transcribed from my phone. I have a court appearance against him on the 11th of August and pray that the judge grants some kind of reprieve by having him give us the money to move. I am desperate now for a vehicle as well being that I also have to take my daughter for therapy, court dates against the step father to have him prosecuted, and the court ordered visitation to see my grand baby each week. I hope that anyone that has a loved one trying to meet someone on, that they express the need to read this story and know that Charles Douglas from Chucks care care in Crystal River, is using and lying to several women. His profile alone is so full of lies, I find it hard that once he is met by an individual they see through his arrogance and deceitfulness. Best wishes to anyone that reads this and please send prayers of hope for my daughter and I to finally be free of this torment this man has caused. I pray that after I take him to court on the 11th of Aug., I will no longer be stalked by this crazy, lying, AHole!!!! Pages: 1.

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