Charles Minchew is a pilot for Republic Airlines. We met me at an airport lounge in D.C. Charles Minchew seemed very charming, and he said very nice things to me and sort of sweapt me off my feet. Anyways we dated for about 6 months. After 3 months, he started talking about marriage. After talks about marriage we set a date. Then Charles Minchew told me in the next 3 months he wanted to move in with me. Charles Minchew never brought anything to my house except clothes and his work stuff. When Charles Minchew would leave my house, he would always packed up everything with him. I thought that was strange, but he is a pilot. Then Charles Minchew convienced me to add him to my bank accounts, so he could help me pay the bills, like electric, water, mortgage, food. Charles Minchew never followed through with that either. One week before we were to get married, Charles Minchew didnt come home at the expected time. Which wasnt that unusual because he is a pilot. Then the next morning i went to get gas in my car and my debit card was declined. Yes someone had drained my bank account. Guess who did this? Ladies be afraid of this man named Charles Minchew.

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