Commentary about Charlie Rasmussen, San Gabriel, California posted to From : Family friend posted on 2016-10-31 Jeremy Connor Jercon From : Prasmuss posted on 2015-11-12 Lela Babigian Killion 2013/2015 Cheater From : Prasmuss posted on 2015-11-02 What a joke. Take this down and the pain for all stops here. Your choice. From : Prasmuss posted on 2015-11-02 One more thing.. You mean to tell me that you posted This because your girlfriend cheated on you, and then Told you intimate details about Charlie? Wow. She is A cheater too. How come you didn’t put her name on here? From : Prasmuss posted on 2015-11-02 The only unstable people here are the two of you For posting this. Cruel and unfair to a family of Five. God Bless you. Good luck with trying to inflict harm to my family. _Ù÷à From : Prasmuss posted on 2015-11-02 The only fools here are yourself and Lela. Your responses Make it painfully obvious who posted this. Millions of men have had affairs and their wives Forgive them, as the family is the most important unit there is. From : Jercon posted on 2015-11-02 Oh and that pain and sorrow you speak of came from Charlie and yourself by your OWN actions, no one elses. Stop blaming other people for the fact that you two are emotionally unstable!! From : Jercon posted on 2015-11-02 Pam you are a fool. I posted this because Charlie slept with my girlfriend. You have blamed the wrong person because you are so full of yourself. Why don’t you pray for yourself and ask God why you would stay with a man who disrespects you so. From : Prasmuss posted on 2015-10-31 This post caused a lot of pain and sorrow. It takes two To cheat, and the name of the woman who posted This is Lela Babikian Killon. I’m sorry she choose To try to inflict pain on my family. I pray for her healing. From : truthtellers posted on 2015-10-14 Charlie Rasmussen has been married for 25 years and had cheated on his wife Pam Steffy since they were engaged. He had an affair in 2013 & 2015 with the same old girlfriend. He has also cheated with co-workers and frequented massage parlors. Pages: 1.

Note: Some of the commentary about Charlie Rasmussen, San Gabriel, California is a collection of user forum submissions from the previous cheaters registry site.  As such, some format may be off, but the dates when the comments were made about Charlie Rasmussen, San Gabriel, California by the users were preserved.


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