Not only a cheater on every single guy shes been with, but wow, Chelsea Johnson has finally gone to blatantly posting some of her topless modeling pics right in the CL casual encounters area looking for sex! If you search around and find all the other things that guys and girls have posted about her maybe shes run thru all the available men she runs into daily and the only way she can find an unsuspecting dude is to advertise that shes wet and lonely , or one of the other come on lines shes using. She apparently uses various names so far Ive found Chelsea Johnson, Chelsea Rhiannon, Rhiannon Johnson, Chelsea Rhiannon Johnson, Chelsea Rhiannon Modeling and who knows what else. They are all the same psychotic loser. Youll know its her when you catch a glimpse of the fucked up buck teeth she has probably got the overbite from all the dicks shes sucked which she will admit that shes done! Found out that this pathetic and immature slut tried to kill herself in December 14 after one of her many guys dumped her. She ended up in the crazy ward at the hospital for a couple of weeks. Too bad she couldnt even kill herself correctly, it woulda saved a bunch of dudes from her lies and bullshit if she was just dead. Holy shit if this bitch ever has a child, poor kid. Funny stories that you can find about her, she met some dude on CL and scammed him into thinking she wanted to settle down with him and have his children. She moved a thousand miles to be with him and only lasted a couple weeks before he found out what she really was about and he kicked her to the curb. She came back to VA and went thru 2 more guys in the next 4 weeks who also booted her and then posted on the internet about her. Whos next!? Holy crap dudes, you need to make sure to double condom up if you do her! There a re a couple of similar stories that shes being controlled by a big tub of a mexican dude named Carlos Rojas. Hes supposedly one of the many shes fucked along the way and he keeps taking her back whenever she has no one to fuck her. Also found some info that says hes pimping her out so that they can get by financially. If half of all this is true, ladies and gentlemen you need to stay as far away from this psychotic and immoral bitch as you can. One day this dumb bitch is gonna spew her unique form of crazy to the wrong dude and hes gonna fuck her up physically. Then whos she gonna get to oogle her and want her? Maybe then shell get the suicide thing right. Smebody needs to tell the world about this psycho!

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