Oh man where do I start. This boy I cant call a man seriously took 5 years of my life I cant ever get back. He cheated, hit and humiliated me so much I am upset at myself to have let him in my life for so long. I finally called it quits after his attempt to to hit and rape me in August 2016. And as I left him in that process he told methe girl from his job that he was sleeping with was pregnant, something I deeply feel sorry for her. I hope she is smarter than me and once he begins his abuse that she leaves! I pray for her well being and as a woman wish her the best. I know he will still cheat as he did on me for so long but I do hope that the women that encounter him are smart and steer clear from him! He hit me so badly once I ended up in the hospital and so blinded by his abuse and so called love I bailed him out something I regret, I shouldve left then but I decided to learn the hard way. He also likes to use women especially ones with cars since he is always on the bus and hates it. Also he has a drug and alcohol abuse problem, something that hes had since he was a young teen. He always goes to work high and he works at a kitchen! He isnt so reliable as well he used to boast to his friends about all the bitches he had at work. And how many he would fool around while on the clock. I hope his future/current employer see this and see that he didnt a fit employer you want on your pay roll.

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