This is Christine Ranieri Schwirzbin 45 with 2 kids. Christine has been having an affair with my husband for 2 years. During the course of this time she continued to sleep with my husband during my pregnancy and thru my miscarriage. In fact 4 hours after I had surgery to remove the baby my husband left me to go sleep with this nasty woman. I donÕt know how this woman can look at herself in the mirror especially being a mother. From what my husband told me this whore works for FedEx part time cause of her Lupus but has plenty of time to bang my husband and workout at the gym with him everyday. So ladies if you have a husband that goes to the gym or orders from FedEx watch out for this whore. Karma is a bitch and soon he will cheat on her too if he hasnÕt already as a matter of fact my husband continued to try to sleep with me thru our divorce and would spill is BS about this woman not being a good homemaker and she looks old and how he cant stand the kids etc. Blah blah blahÉ.. If she is lucky I wont post all the nasty videos and pictures I found of her on his phone lol É.Lastly I want this woman to ask herself one thingÉ would you feel if someone did this to your daughter?

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