Popular Online Dating Site, Christopher A. Guizzotti will seek out woman with a disability, $, and will play the agism role on you; beginning with flattery, leading quickly to a push to getting serious about how special you are, that you understand, he will play the victim from prior relationships and an apparent work injury that hes going to become or will/has set for life! And youre part of that! Constant calls and texts till its your fault for providing a supporting his habit, and that you dont understand and not to worry cause hell make it up to you only if you could Christopher A. Guizzotti will prey on you, take your money, then blame you for his life and dump you or promise you but not before he robbed you blind with promises of love and babies and hug and kisses. Watch out ladies!! He is nit a good one, Oscar performance for playing a Victim!! Omg!! What a performance!!!! Thought it was actually my fault for his mental condition!! Comes down to it, he just want more p***s Good luck! 716 -948-5898 716-624-2499 Buffalo and Cheektowaga, Marrila

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