Jeffery J. Belle was arrested December 31, 2007 on an Active Felony Warrant & will be extradited to Oklahoma. Mr. Belle has approximately 20 judgments against him and hundreds of creditors who will simply never take him to court. In addition, he has several bogus check convictions and a forcible entry conviction in Oklahoma. He has stolen credit cards and forged signatures, along with State and Federal IRS lien and warrants. Mr. Belle protrays himself as one of the leading experts on Nicotine Addiction and an MD, he is neither! His PhD is from Harrington University in London, a well known diploma mill, where a PhD costs only $1400 and is based on life experience . Mr. Belle has defrauded at least 3 women in 3 states, probably many more. These women have lost massive amounts of money and left with little recourse. His 97 Black Mercedes was last registered in 2004 and has never been paid for, the dealership is still asking for either the car or payment. Mr. Belle attends church regularly, prays regularly and steals regularly. He also, lectures for various drug companies at medical conferences. He is 56 _ tall, overweight, wears glasses, 54 years old (July 16, 1957) and is African American. He prefers white, blonde females, who attend church and have homes. Mr. Belle targets these women and then destroys them financially and emotionally.

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