This woman works as a bartender at a local bar, which is where she met a married man. She is in a long-term relationship (15 years) with two daughters. While she is not solely to blame, she participated in a relationship with a married man that involved numerous text messages and emails in which they professed their love to one another as well as meetings in cars before and after her bar shifts. She also would leave her house early to meet him in a commuter lot before going to her full-time job for the day. She sent a plate of fruit and chocolate-covered strawberries to his hotel room when he was away on business (he doesnt even eat fruit!). It is shocking to me that a woman who would involve herself with a married man could be considered a good person, especially when this woman experienced her fathers infidelity and the impact that it had on her parents marriage. I suppose there is some truth in the old adage that the apple doesnt fall far from the tree . It is my OPINION that she be referred to as Whori from now on.

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