This photo is from my wedding day over 19 years ago. This woman was my friend for over 20 years and a bridesmaid at my wedding. She witnessed my wedding vows. She and my husband have been having an affair for over a year now. First I bust him having an affair then I bust him with whom he is having an affair with. Although we are still married (heÕs moved out) they remain in a relationship. She lives 5 hours away from us but they went on several (at LEAST 6) camping/fishing trips over the past year. I worked his business for him so that he could be with her. I was told all these trips were with fellow kayak fishing buddies. What kind of man has his wife work his store for him so he can go screw his girlfriend? What kind of woman does this to another woman? To a friend? I have been destroyed and broken. This has destroyed our daughter. They donÕt care. As long as they are happy no one else matters.

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