I have no idea where to begin… 1) His name is Corre Jerome Bentley 2) He has 2 children by 2 different women and 1 on the way. 3) He does not take care of any of them. 4)

He constantly finds women to take him in and feel sorry for him by telling lies about his ex’s being crazy and his parents disowning him. 5) His parents kicked him out and disowned him because he stole from them and had a drug problem. 6) He’s been in rehab for drugs and ***** ual addiction. He’ll tell you it’s because he fell in a pool or some ***** lol. 8) He had his rights revoked to one kid because she had a broken leg and I was informed by a family member of the little girl that he slammed the baby down because she had colic. 9) He’s handed out many Std’s. Chlamydia and trick to name a few. 10) He is the biggest lying piece of ***** ever!!! He will drain you money wise and mentally. He is a serious liar with impulsive behavior. Whatever you do… do NOT get pregnant by him!!!!

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