Courtney Howry Mountain Home, Idaho, a registered cheater in The registry entry for Courtney Howry Mountain Home, Idaho is as follows: Lets Start by saying I am 20 years old now, i was 18 52 100 pounds the Homewrecker was 24 at the time probably 51 and 130 pounds and they worked together. She isnt ugly so why is her heart?; It all started with her posts on his facebook timelineÉ you ever hear the song F**K her gently by Tenacious D well that was their song.. her posting Ó you dont always have to f**k her hard sometimes thats not the right thing to do blah blahÓ I ask my husband why is this girl saying that on your facebook.. He replies we play the song at work a lot so I dont know shes weird. Well I shrug it off because ive been with this man for a couple years and we have two daughters together. No way would he fool around with herÉ well f**k I was wrong by a lot because he did a lot. I message her.. letting her know he is married and I dont appreciate the way shes acting towards him, its making it seem like its more than it isÉ or what I was told and if it doesnt stop ill be seeing her.. she ends it with calling me a mountain home busted ass bitch (shes from Washington) and talking shit on me for being 18 with 2 kids. Whatever junkie at least im capable of having my children.; I lived in Apartments (September 2 2012) I had a few friends that were mutual friends with Courtney and they lived in the same apartments; she was looking for some coke .. but she so happened to be in the wrong place wrong timeÉ and I solo jumped her threw her friends car window making sure I screamed while everyone in the complex watched. You like f**king my husband?! Boom boom boom face smash and I get pulled off her nasty leather feeling face! I felt better beating up my homewrecker its a pretty great feeling:); (September 4 2012) my husband hates me for fighting her telling me he likes her shes his best friend and Im ruining his life. I looked at it in a different way I guess since I was fighting her cause she really wanted it LOL. She ends things so I thoughtÉ he and I were fighting and yelling and it gets violent. I shatter my right hand breaking it.. I make a doctors appointment to see what they can do. (September 6 2012) .. I get some tests done for STDs and x rays just to be safeÉcomes to find out I get a call back i have 3 Stds!! Nasty f**king junkie is screwing everyone she works with (I had a few guy friends that worked there) and then sleeping with my husband on top of it.; My husbands denying everything.. but its not like a ghost fucked me. She calls me saying shes clean and has PAPERs to prove itÉ (which in our town you dont get papers you get a phone call saying yes come in or no youre good) Im a whore and probably picked it up. So im clearing this nasty shit up just wondering why I deserve this and why am I fighting for himÉ when clearly he doesnt want me. (September 7 2012) he comes home saying he was out with a friend since it was 6 a.m he cuddles me and this time it feels different like he is telling the truthÉ I have a feeling CHECK THAT BITCHES phone (husband) and I dont. I was too scaredÉ plus I forgot his password. So we fall asleep. (September 8 2012) Airforce appreciation dayÉ. Im in the bath getting ready to go to the parade so im rushing.. and my youngest daughter has her daddys phone. I give it to my husband and tell him I checked itÉ he laughs and goes whats the passwordÉ I move my thumb in a circled motion pretending i knew it.. he laughs harder there isnt one he says I had to reset my phone. Well the dumb d**k falls asleep while Im getting dressedÉ and I check it. What I found tore me to bits. SextingÉ wanting a pregnancyÉ wishing death on me.. and saying how great their night was. I am shaking so worked up because I saw the proof its all true theyre still f**king and came up with a lie so I could let them beÉ.. I punch that mother f**ker so hard in the nose blood splats all over my wallÉ Which im not a left handed person so im just happy I hurt him.. I am screaming at him and I black out. I have blood all over me im barefoot and im at her door kicking it in. He calls her and tells her im coming to get her.. shes scared so she doesnt open the door. Im begging her to come outside so I can beat her ass againÉ nope.. I walk offÉheading home.. my friend sees me and pulls over we drive past Courtneys house and shes finally outside.. I jump out of the car.. plow over her patio and shes in her house. Cops show up.. my husband shows up.. the last thing I hear is him telling her in front of my kids and I, I love you Courtney. Done! I sit there in a cell 2 weeks get out and of course she has to bring my children into itÉ saying he brought them over everyday I was gone theyre so beautiful .. they call her mommy. I dont care anymore Im numb É you took my security blanket and wonÉ; I ended up happier without them in my life and by (January 1 2013) he was over her and her snagle tooth ass. We did get back together after lots of counseling.. Now shes Engaged and expecting a daughter. Her last Names Seaman so now Courtney Seaman will get her KarmaÉ when someone f**ks her man. Just love how her last name worked out for her better than howry (cuntney) I would love for this coldhearted homewrecker to be exposed!! She made me a realize a lot in such a short period of time and im strong nowÉ so bless your wicked heart bitch. Ive danced with the devil..thanks to you now its your turn.

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