Courtney Lewis, Bolivar, Missouri, a registered cheater in The registry entry for Courtney Lewis, Bolivar, Missouri is as follows: My ex deserves more than half of the blame. I told him that if we were going to move forward in our relationship and have me move in like he wanted that things were going to have to change. I wanted and needed 100% commitment before taking that step. I knew he had a coworker who he had once fooled around with. I asked him to tell me where things stood with that situation. Surprisingly, he was quite candid and admitted that they were still hanging out outside of work. He claimed, however, that Ònothing is going onÓ and that he didnt even find her attractive. ÒI only fooled around with her because I was really wasted and she was there. But Im with you now. So thats not going to happen again.Ó I was pretty angry and told him that if he wanted to stay with me he would have to keep things with her at work and at work alone. While we were in the middle of this conversation (over the phone) she arrived at his doorstep. I angrily hung up. I texted him though a moment later, reminding him that he was Òthis closeÓ to losing me and hed have to send her off immediately if he didnt want that to happen. He texted that she had arrived drunk (just out of the bar) and he needed to help her sober up and calm down. She was yelling at him that she wanted him back and he was selfish to end things with her. I told him this is exactly what I expected, this is why I told you if you wanted me you cant be friends with her!! Like duh!! I tried to call him over and over. He never picked up the phone. The next day he was texting me and trying to apologize for making me so distraught. It was too late though. I told him that he shouldnt have let her in the door knowing how I felt about it. And that not taking my calls demonstrated a lack of loyalty. I can only imagine what happened that night, but even if he never touched her it doesnt matter. He chose to regard her feelings over mine. And she is just another cheap trollop who doesnt want to be in a relationship with a guy until she sees him with someone else and then frantically grasps for what someone else has!

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