This is the attention stealing home wrecker who has single handily taken a once caring, devoted, loving father from his children and his wife of 12 years. What was sacred to our family she turnes into a vial pit of lies, deciet, and futhered destroyed what took me those 12 years to get him to control. She knew alcohol was his down fall and used that to her full advantage. Being a bartender she poured it down his throat. Many nights spent worried and putting my name on the line as he drank and drove with my vehicles, my insurance. She wanted a play toy but did not want the responsibilities of the repercussions. No that was left for me to clean up. Who so proudly boast and post pictures of themselves in a stolen car/truckÉ.this one right here. Who took the attention away from his kids when they were asking where their Dad wasÉ.this one here. Who messages the wife of the man she has been destroying and tells you that you can have it all backÉ. This homewrecker here! Though she takes no blame, she knew damn well that he was in a relationship, had a family, and continued her games and mind control. It takes a sorry excuse of a girl to use alcohol to control a man, knowing I had tried to get him into treatment when I saw how much destruction he was causing not only himself, but to us and his whole family. He turned his back on his parents, siblings as well. Because he knew he did wrong. Every chance she got she took it and ran with it. Sorry as can be. So if anyone is in the area of Briarcliff Rd and wants to stop by the Red Pepper Taquiera keep on going she will serve your husband up with more than just a shot, she will serve him a cocktail of lies, and mayhem. If she knew what was good for her she would have not been such an idiot to keep posting pictures of herself in my vehicles. Pictures were worth a thousand words to the police. Leave it to a no class, non respecting whore to do such a thing and then try to play the victim. Girl, has a lot of growing up to doÉ. Don’t mess in a women’s world. Let this be a lesson to youÉ. Once you crossed the line with my kids, you lost all rights to be treated with any decency.

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