This very poor exhuse for a woman targets married men on line. She tells them the sob story of her Wrestler husband who abuses her to play the sympathy card. Obviously my hubby fell for it and started sending her money under the illusion that she was falling for him. As I used the same sites a few other women warned me what Crystal was doing. We ended up setting up a room where we could share what this woman was doing. To day horrified is an understatement. Obviously these men (including my man) where getting such an ego boost that this 29 year old was showing so much interest they often talked to her about leaving their wives. Now before you start judging (Pink) I decided on revenge so I kicked my man out and contacted crystal. She really couldnÕt see what she had done wrong and admitted to taking the money from my man and quite a few others. In anger I have allowed my hubby back home but he carried on talking to this whore. IÕm going to hit him where it hurts and IÕm slowly removing whatÕs left of our savings and have already moved all valuables out of the house. I have kept copies of all the messages and photoÕs so I can send them too her husband who (poor guy) is remarrying her on 4/16 . This isnÕt a fake notice and I can only imagine the comments I will get. But at the end of the day. I have enough proof of their affair to destroy both of them.

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