Crystal Dawn Evans aka CC & Daisy Columbia, South Carolina, a registered cheater in The registry entry for Crystal Dawn Evans aka CC & Daisy Columbia, South Carolina is as follows: My actual reality started around August/September of 2012. I begin noticing signs of my husband doing things out of his normal habits. Like being on the phone more, not leaving his phone out, taking it to the bathroom with him. Emptying out his pant pockets of all receipts. Even to the point where he started to do his own laundry at times. Of course, I confronted him and his reply was I was crazy. Being his wife of 26 years 2 children later and 1 grandchild at the time I gave him the benefit of the doubt and pushed the womans intuition aside. Big mistake on my part. Then the first slap in in the face came on September 17 his birthday. We have our own company and we do a lot of work in SC especially Columbia, Lexington, Irmo, Myrtle Beach just to name a few. For his birthday I drove to Columbia and on the way I called to let him know I was coming, the conversation wasnt anything like I thought it would be. He wasnt happy, or encouraging, he was the opposite. He actually told me not to come and turn around. Of course, almost there I wasnt going to turn around. I got to the hotel where he usually stayed and he hadnt even checked in. It was like 830 at night. I called him, no answer. I had to call his friend and he got him, then he showed up. Took him to dinner, had a good evening. Like normal. The 2nd slap to the face came the following weekend when I had planned a weekend get away for his birthday at the beach. He was telling me he wanted to go. Yet he did have a lot of work that needed to be done. But, it was already paid for. Yet, he told my best friend he didnt want to go. While there I could feel a distant. Then I walked into the room where he was watching tv, and he didnt even hear me. I sat down right behind him, and he was texting on his phone. A picture came up of a blonde in a SC gamecocks shirt on. My heart dropped. I knew at that moment he had been cheating on me. I grabbed the phone, and he was very shocked, and he was trying to get it back from me. We fault. He came up with a story it was one of our friends that were married and was seeing someone. He had actually been sending this person pictures of our camper and asking if it was good enough for her to live in, because that is probably what he will have to live in until he figured out something else. The 3rd slap came before the 1st and 2nd. While I was working he text me and said he was taking his friend that he worked with for a ride in our Camaro and then he was eating dinner with him. He said he would be home by 9, which is the time I get home. Yet, He wasnt with his friend he was actually with the person that he had been texting.; He walked out on me and my children and grandchild on September 25th, 2012. Yet everyday there after he asked to come home, and said he wanted to come home. He had made a big mistake, and she meant nothing to him. She was just sex. He knew he could call her and she would come running every time. He lived in a Hotel in Charlotte and he had her there at times as well. She even got a job (if you call what she does a job professionally a job) here. I had found out that he had taking her around our friends to a Panther game tailgating. How embarrassing and humiliating. You wonder where is the mind of the person you thought you knew for so long. The Confirmation of the affair came in November 2012. After noticing a number on the phone records that kept calling my husband, I called and asked them why they were calling him. The devastation set in as I heard the voice of another woman telling me she has been seeing him since March 2012 they had met in a bar in Columbia SC and have been in a relationship since then, and where looking for a house together and that she may be pregnant. She had met close friends, she had pictures of my camper, been in our Camaro. He had met her family, said he wanted to marry her. She said he had told her he was separated (eventually) and had been for a while. He told her about our family. He even told her he had been sleeping on the couch. Big FAT lie. He actually was living 2 lives. He was telling her the things he knew she wanted to hear to get what he wanted and yet he was coming home to me and his family and telling me he loved me and still being a husband and wife in every sense of the word. By the end of our conversation she was apologizing to me and my children, and she told me she would not contact him or me again. I did try to help her by telling her he is manipulating her and will never leave me for her. And many times he said if I cant have you, then I will settle for her so Im not alone. She was a sure thing, just a phone call away. This person is a homewrecker, the words and apology was nothing more than lies.; She continued to have a relationship with him, knowing he was married. This girl has no morals, or respect for God, marriage, others and not even herself. She would text me vulgar conversations about her and my husband and them having sex, and a 3 way with her best friend Lacey which in reality is her girlfriend. And she had a boyfriend that had been & still is her sugar daddy named Gerald. I had asked her numerous times not to contact me. Yet she still did. She is what my father in-law calls a bar fly. Just looking for her next prey. She is a high school dropout, drug addict and dealer, alcoholic with a record. She works in massage parlors, and she advertises herself on backpage, and several other websites. She has destroyed my property as well as our business property. She obliviously doesnt know right from wrong. She and my husband actually went and sat in the house of the Lord on a Sunday. What kind of person does that? Satan does come in different forms and she was the form he had chosen to bring such pain and havoc on my family. She even had my husband believing he was the only one. LOL And the 8 months before I actually knew, he was still intimate with me while having unprotected sex with her. Putting my life at risk. Which he was very careless, and hes a grown man. And telling her he was sleeping on the couch. She is an extortionistÉ.she blacked mailed him out of $2000 for a fake pregnancy abortion. She signed a piece of paper along with my husband and her boyfriend that she would not contact him or his family ever again. She also stated she took the abortion pill in front of him. Later that night I saw pictures of her out drinking and partying. Then she texted him and said it was a pre-natal vitamin. She supposedly tricked him. And she did. First of all no clinic, or doctor office is going to give you abortion pill to take at home. A licensed physician has to give it to the patient, and monitor that patient for 2 hours before letting them leave the office. Then they are sent home with 5 days worth of antibiotics to take, one for the next 5 days. Then she said she took it the next day. And was throwing up everywhere and bleeding, and in pain. Ridiculous! My husband fell for it, but not me. She simply pulled off the internet a picture of a positive pregnancy stick and sent it to me, saying I thought you should know.; My husband wasnt innocent in all of this. He told me lie after lie. In a way he manipulated me too. Always telling me he loved me, and he would never love anyone like he does me. He wanted me happy. Hes made so many mistakes and thought he couldnt turn around. He moved to a new place in June of 2013 saying he wanted to get away from that lifestyle and her. (he had been living in an extended stay in Columbia, SC) Well, not even there 2 weeks, he had her staying there with him. This is after we had been in our first court hearing for alimony and child support in May. 5 days later he came and took me out for our 27th anniversary and gave me a Swarovski bracelet to match a ring he had bought me in the past. And then at the end of May, he took her to Cherokee since I wouldnt let him come to the beach with me and our family. He didnt deserve it. He also used his brother as an alibi, my brother in-law was In shock, and left. He came and talked to me about what had happened and asked where did he find trash like that, and what was wrong with him. He simply used her. He said all he had to do was call and she come running. She is so below me that she is nothing but wasted space on this earth.; In August 2013, my mother became greatly sick. And this whore text me while I was at the hospital with my mother rude and disgusting things. This went on for 2 days even on the day my mother passed away. So much for not contacting myself or husband. She has continued to make attempts to contact my husband off & on until we both changed our phone numbers as of February 27, 2015. Well, my husband & I are still together. I chose to forgive him, but with the decisions he made came consequences. I could have sued her on 4 counts, but she has nothing that I want. She can have the handbag he got her from a flea market and handmade earrings and necklace from a local store in the mountains. And Ill continue to live the luxury lifestyle I have, and that I have with him! The one thing I have and she probably will never have is children and grandchildren. For her to be 33, that biological clock is ticking, and who in their right mind is ever going to want a long term relationship with someone like you? You have been around the block, and your still on that ride. And for the boyfriend, I hate that hes wasting his life by cleaning up your destruction and messes you leave behind. You are your own worse enemy. Women like you should be ashamed of themselves. And like the Devil, a whore is always a whore. Just may be dressed differently. Good riddance!!!; Karma isnt that far behind you. And FYI, not one day didnt go by that he didnt ask to come home. Homewreckers like you actually think the husband will leave their wife for them. Its really pathetic, and youre nothing but gullible. Im sure your family is very proud of the person you become. In my family eyes, youre nothing but a failure hoping to live the life of someone you can only wish to be.

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