About 10 years ago maybe a little more my daughter Crystal Morren ruined my marriage. Come to find out she has had a long time love of her life she didn’t tell anyone about. Come to find out it was my husband John, her own father.

Then two were having an affair on me. Then two would sneak into the room at night while she was 15 years old and do ***** knows what. That creeper man ex-husband of mine got locked up for a long time. When he got out Crystal Morren would cheat on her husband with her father. She is disgusting. She was cheating on her husband not only with her father but with the man she is with at the moment Jeremy king. I’m sorry but I think that is just downright disgusting for my daughter to be sleeping with her dad and for my husband to be having ***** with his minor daughter. Stay away from Crystal if you know her, next thing you know she’ll probably try to have ***** with your dog. She is absolutely disgusting.


Plano, Texas

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