Cydney Goldberg lies more than Brian Williams. Claims she just sits and watches NBC channel 4 all day but she is at her best when she is lying. Cydney Goldberg will lie to the left. Cydney Goldberg will lie to right. Cydney Goldberg will lie to your face. Cydney Goldberg will lie behind your back. Yep ole Cydney Godberg is a professional 24/7 liar. I was her best friend. That is when I got my lie. Walked right in on them screwing. The woman was on top saying Oh God Oh God and that is when I came in. I told her this aint God honey Im his wife. Get out of my bed slut. We got into it and we started pulling hair and throwing things but I finally won my man back after kicking his ass for what he had done. Cydney Anne Goldberg 111 3rd Avenue, Apt 13A, NY, NY 10003 / 917.648.5858 [email protected]

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