Dana Nicole Allen, Hastings, Minnesota, a registered cheater in cheatersregistry.com. The registry entry for Dana Nicole Allen, Hastings, Minnesota is as follows: Last year, after finding some suspicious messages on my Facebook messenger to and from a certain Ms. Allen, I was assured by my husband that it was purely platonic, and after a gut feeling telling me otherwise, I sent her a fair warning to stay away. She replied that i was Òjealous and insecure and to chillÓ. Enough said. Life went on. A month ago the rude awakening hit me like a ton of bricks shattering my entire existence. They had gotten a hotel room and slept together that night. The only reason I found out? His friend snitched on him. I left the same day and she moved in, boots and all. Come to find out, back then naked pictures were being exchanged when I first found that cobversation. She had preyed on him, and he fell for it hook, line and sinker. I now have him at my feet begging for forgiveness, for our marriage back. She on the other hand, is surely latching onto the next best thing like shit on a woolen Blanket in a tumble dryer. Ladies, when in doubt, or when you get that gut feeling. Follow it, it is never wrong. To you, the homeless, uneducated, dopephine who tried to wreck a year of my life, no congratulations for you. He chose you untimely, and temporarily. But he chose me to spend his life with. May the bridges you burnt, light the way forward for you.

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