Dani McPartlin stalked my husband on social media then began dating him and when he tried to end things she harassed to him to eventually destroy our family. I am regretful as i pushed my husband to divorce but the truth is he is a very good man and even better father. So many look up to him and I allowed this evil excuse for a woman to break down my family even more. The very thing she stands for in the classroom she is contradicting in her life choices and to my understanding this is not her first time doing so. She tried to destroy my husband for finally trying to do the right thing and now she thinks its okay to see three young children struggle because she had a temper tantrum and decided to try and get back at him knowing he was married the entire time. I believe she is a principal in Harlem at the Future Leaders Institute. I am now working to try and get my family back together. Thanks to her we have lost so so much and while I am angry with my husband I am even more disappointed in this sorry excuse for a woman who says she cares about children yet will stop at no lengths to get what she wants.

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