Great bullshitter but the truth will catch up to him. At the end of the day, you will never meet a more despicable or vile human being. He cons women emotionally and financially . All he wants is to f**k you, use you, and abuse you. He is the male Oprah of s*x You get my dirty d**k and you get my dirty d**k. My dirty d**k for everyone! He cheats on all the females he dates yet pretends to be a morally upstanding individual who believes cheating is horrible and unacceptable. The best part is the females who he will tell his new girlfriend are just his friends are actually other women he hooks up with. You might even hear the line My father is a pastor. or Im the son of a pastor. as if that is a declaration of his moral code but dont let these empty words fool you because even that is a joke. He is the type of boy who stays with women while its (only) beneficial to him but when the other person is going through a rough time he will bolt on you because it isnt convenient for him. You cant even consider him a man because he hides behind his cell phone. He will ignore you until he feels like throwing you a bone. The only person that deserves a bone is him because he acts like a dog. He avoids people because of the damage he has caused them and runs away from situations. His friends or one might better describe them as minions feed him information so he can keep running his mouth and away from all the devastation he has caused. Truly a coward that lives on the basis of narcissism and self interest. There is a number of women he has truly hurt. he owes them money and explanations. Daniel Malave has no skills or degrees other than psychopathy with a specialization in pathological lying. He claims to be many things including an automotive technician (Porter & Chester Institute) but going to school for something and actually knowing how to do a trade are not one in the same. He has been fired from jobs for causing actual physical harm to workers and losing employers money. One of his coworkers had to go to the hospital and get stitches on his face. He doesnt not face any of the consequences of his actions like the people he causes pain to have to. Do not believe anything he says, employers dont hire a liability to your company and your staff and for your vaginas safety do not touch him with a 20 foot pole. IF YOU DO NOT BELIEVE THESE STATEMENTS CONTACT ANY OF HIS EXES (THOSE WHO HE PUBLICLY INTRODUCED AS HIS GFS).

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