Danny White and Ashley Lawson used to be my best friends until June of this year… Danny and I ended up in a relationship together after him and Ashley had split up

because he “realized she was nothing but a cheater a user and a liar and that he had been in love with me for a long time” everything was great until it wasn’t… he ended up being the same exact way as her a liar a user and a cheater, he pretended to be in love with me even proposed to me to make it look legit and yeah I fell for it but then I realized all he wanted me for was my money… he pretended to be in love with me for about 4 weeks and even moved me and my kids in with him and one day he just decided I was too “clingy” which really meant he was messing around with Ashley but didn’t want me to know, he usually came home on his breaks from work to spend time with me and the kids. Well one Friday he calls me and says he has to go work at another store because that store was short handed and i didn’t think anything of it at first well we had gps on our phones so I decided I was gonna look at it to see if he was where he said he was well guess what… he wasn’t he was with Ashley at a hotel and when I asked him about it he lied and said no he was at the other store thinking im stupid the hotel was on a completely different street from where he was and his gps had him pin pointed at a hotel… that same night he decided things weren’t working out (after all my money was gone) and so he took me back to where he picked me up from (different town) kissed me good bye and said he would call me to let me know he was home, I get on Facebook and it pops up that he’s engaged to ashley the day before we even broke up go figure…


Stephens City, Virginia

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