Darren Ambler is a Big Time Cheater, Pathological Liar, Con-Man, Sociopath, Selfish Moron and he is very Homely. Darren couldn’t be with any one long term. He is a Fraud- Phony- Sex Addict creep that lives a lie and thinks he fools everyone. Darren is a Loser. Darren Ambler was a drug addict turned sex addict. He has serious Psychological Problems and severe Personality Dysfunction. He has no personality and he is Lousy in bed. Scale from 1 thru 10- Darren Ambler is about an (-) minus 20: He uses everyone and is quite manipulating.
Darren Amblers selfish lustful life revolves around “HIMSELF” “HIM” AND “HE”! That is all the low-life cares about HIMSELF! Darren fools females into thinking he is a nice guy but is really a fool and compulsive liar with a Mommy Complex. His body is ugly and he looks better fully clothed. He looks like an Ugly bunch of twigs stuck together. His breath is rancid.
Darren Ambler still actively stalks his sexual prey prior to Screw. Darren has had sex with Prostitutes and females with no Moral code or Standards. Just like Darren- no Morals or Standards.Darren Ambler is not a nice guy but a mean- selfish- over sexed beast that must have Sex like a drug! He enjoys sneaky filthy sex with ugly -old fat ladies! Darren carried on a sick explicit affair with a 69 year old senior citizen. He bragged about “Going Down on her”. Going down on an old women- Darren is 40, what a vial disgusting PIG.
Darren Ambler is abusive- He abused me and forced me to perform dirty sex on him. He would hold me hostage. He controlled me with SEX SEX SEX and Threats. One night he forced me to locate a magnifying glass to locate his wee wee- i couldn’t find it- non existent. Darren Ambler has split personality disorder and should be put away.
This jerk cheated, lied, did one night stands- hookers- old women with incontinence problems. One female urinate don Darren and he got sexual kicks from it. He is mentally deranged and his no morals or conscience. He hurts everyone with no regrets. This ugly dork will pay for infecting me with STD’s //Criminal Charges can result in a case such as this.
This Abusive sex addict takes no blame for any of his outrageous actions. This time he will take accountability. Time for this con-man to pay for the hell he put me and other women through. Darren Ambler lives on WESTBURY DRIVE in CHERRY HILL NEW JERSEY. I am sure plenty of sex goes on there seven days a week. Please Ladies be cautious……………….Do not date or have sex with Darren Ambler, you may not live to tell about it. Darren Predator Ambler works as an Druggist for Express-Scripts-Medco Inc.
Darren Ambler has many sexual fetishes, unfulfilled desires and sick sexual thoughts. This crazy man has children- Those kids should be removed from his care because of his SEX Addiction and General Incompetence..Darren will abuse a female on first meeting and demand sex in the car like he did to me…He ripped off my bra and threw it out the window the first date……………I screamed and he covered my mouth……………..BEWARE- stay out of his way- He frequents Internet dating sites…Players never stop PLAYING. Now he is a PLAYER with STD’s!


4 thoughts on “Darren Ambler- Cheater- Liar- STD Carrier- Sociopath- Sex Addict- Cherry Hill NJ/ 40 yrs old:

  1. Scum Bag- plain and simple. Mental illness doesn’t make you over-sexed. That is something that is inside this guy. It is SELFISH and plain IMMORAL to act the way this FREAK acts…Hopefully the nice girls will see him for what he is and run the other way. This degenerate belongs with TRASH!

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