Commentary about Darren Ambler, Delran, New Jersey posted to From : senior_lover63 posted on 2016-07-10 Mr. Ambler had a drug addiction problem a decade ago. He seems obsessed with sex and sexual acts. Darren hides his wild life from family-friends and co-workers. This person must be good in bed. This guy travels 80 miles one way on weekends to see her From : senior_lover63 posted on 2016-07-10 Darren Ambler is very insecure and attempts to build his ego by taking females to bed. He is somewhat careless and more thank likely is not using protection during sex. He is a professional liar- targets women who are insecure and lonely. BEWARE: From : senior_lover63 posted on 2016-07-09 Darren Ambler had an investigator on his trail for over a month. Caught him with one night stands and other women. This guy should be spreading disease. He is mentally ill. He is involved with a female in her 60’s in Northern NJ. He is a compulsive liar. He will try to sleep with as many women as possible. May be a sex addict. From : emilio posted on 2010-07-04 ha, shes pushing her tits together to make them look bigger, probably A cups. From : MackTheKnife posted on 2010-06-30 Lets do it Morvern…MELVIN’s gettin lonely 🙂 From : morvern posted on 2010-06-30 Mack, you’re my new hero. Let’s get together and make shit-babies. From : MackTheKnife posted on 2010-06-30 Hate to break it to ya MELVIN, but I’m really your DAD! See, I fucked your mom in her stretched out asshole and fertilized her shit, next morning she took a massive dump, and you were born. That’s why no matter how much Brut you put on, ya still reek From : Rebelchick posted on 2010-06-22 Spec, do you always have to be such a bitter asshole? You put down everyone who posts on this site. And the thing about a woman that looks like her? She’s a chubby, ugly skank! From : geniuz1 posted on 2010-06-16 Dude you have to admit she does have a nice ass. I’d definitely bang her!!!!!!!!! From : Melvin posted on 2010-06-13 You are obviously a chick Marythe knife…Suck my dick LOSER! You are as pathetic as all these other posters trying to pass themselves off as men. You are a loser on a loser web site. Your vibrator is your only chance at a relationship. From : MackTheKnife posted on 2010-06-01 So Spec and Mel…you two gaping assholes think its all about the dick huh? Ya think that’s why women cheat? If either of you knew anything about women, you’d know that’s the least of the reasons.If you two limpdicks ever had a woman you’d know that From : Melvin posted on 2010-06-01 She has a pretty mouth. From : Spector posted on 2010-06-01 If a guy cant keep a woman that looks like that, he has absolutely no chance at all. He better just apologize for being pathetic and hope she will take him back. From : Horndog posted on 2010-05-24 Those pictures should be outlawed they are so vile. Beautify America and take them down. From : curlygurlxo posted on 2010-05-19 her boobs dont look that much different in size to me..if you can even call them boobs.. they look more like fat pushed together from her chest. i think my neighbors are bigger (he’s male) but yea gross From : o0i9u8y7 posted on 2010-05-19 ugly fat From : jacobmx posted on 2010-05-18 She cheated with a coworker who was also married. I have emails of her sending provocative pictures to him. Pages: 1.

Note: Some of the commentary about Darren Ambler, Delran, New Jersey is a collection of user forum submissions from the previous cheaters registry site.  As such, some format may be off, but the dates when the comments were made about Darren Ambler, Delran, New Jersey by the users were preserved.


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