Darren Ambler took advantage of me physically. He used me and countless other women for sex only! Darren I believe is a true Sociopath in every regard. Very perverted- and will sleep with anyone out of desperation. He will talk a good line especially when he gets you into bed. I know he cheated on me with more than one woman: Darren Ambler has no morals- conscience and cares about no one but his ugly self: Ladies stay away from this sick- ugly pervert: he has been with hookers and scum bag desperate women. I was probably the only decent LADY he will ever know. My skin crawls when I think of that pervert con-man- sex addict: I was told he was banging a 65 year old women- Talk about desperate: this guy is mentally disturbed: Who wants an ugly sex addict around?? Maybe another sex addict like himself:

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