Darren M. Friedburg or Darren Friedburg or Darren J.Miller or Darren Martin DATE OF BIRTH: 10/12/74 EMAIL: [email protected] Mr. Friedburg has scammed me and at least 7 (possibly up to 30)other women out of thousands of dollars to feed his alleged gambling addiction. I have documented proof. He typically meets women on Tinder. Beware! [email protected]

5 thoughts on “Darren Friedburg

  1. This guy is all over dating complaints! Watch out ladies! Total scammer!!! If you’re reading this for the first time make sure you google everything. He had at least 20-30 of us at one time and all the time. He will say anything to get money from you.

  2. Lol…it amazes me how he could keep all of us straight. I met Darren and was with him for almost a month straight at the beginning of our relationship 8/15-9/15. Then sparatically from 9/15-11/15 when it ended. THEN…I was dumb enough to get back together with him for a month 12/18/15-1/18/16 cause I saw him in a casino and he was full of all sorts of lies about helping his mom for the winter. He spent NYE with me and pretended that he was texting his mom all night. That broke off too which I thought was for good. THEN…my dumb ass got back together with him in late July 2016 for a month again..which I then decided that he was too manipulative for me. That night I broke it off I googled him and found all this goodness. And then thanked God it didn’t go any further. I’m so sorry to all you ladies. This was a rough one for some of us.
    For those of you looking for him…Last time I saw him was Jan 2017. He was in Lake Tahoe. I warned him very explicitly not to come back. Haven’t seen him since but he obviously tries to get his poker stuff up at the top of google to try and combat the bad stuff about him. He’s done too much damage to win that back though. I’m pretty positive he’s operating under a different name. But guaranteed he still checks this every once and awhile to read what all of us Say.
    Hope all of your hearts are healing and I hope all of OUR lessons are all learned. Took me quite some time, but I think the atrocious nature of this situation actually helped me. As absurd as that sounds…
    Hope you’re getting ready for a great holiday season with your families and no dickhead around to make you sad anymore. Cheers!


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